God’s always up to something at Emmanuel Armenian Church-Rancho Cordova


Emmanuel Armenian Church is a community of real people working together to make a difference in their world for Christ. To us, the church is not just a building, but people who need each other and the transforming power of God.
We invite you to get you know us by browsing our site, then come and experience Emmanuel Armenian Church in person. We know you’ll fit right in.

MyEmmanuelChurch.org is the online ministry of Emmanuel Armenian Church. Our mission to the lost is to present the Gospel of Christ, that is the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation for those who believe.

Our Church is led by our Elders, as directed by scripture. If you wish to contact us, you may contact:
Pastor John Kazaryan, or Website Administrator Armen Divanyan. Either of us would be glad to answer any of your questions.


Our mission to those who believe (the Body of Christ) is to expound unto them the way of God more perfectly, by teaching and exhorting through the Scriptures, by prayer, and by fellowship.

“Look for the lost, find and save.”

We are building our church on God’s purpose and pattern, as found in the Holy Scriptures.
We are committed to building up people’s lives through biblical edification and encouragement.
We are devoted to personal and corporate prayer and intercession.
We are committed to one another in the spirit of Christian love, unity and fellowship.
We are propagating the Christian faith in relevant ways to future generations.
We are dependent on the direction, witness, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit for effective ministry.
We embrace the presence of God in all our gatherings by worshipping in spirit and in truth.
We believe God prospers His people for the purpose of extending His Kingdom.
We are obeying our biblical mandate to share the gospel-first in our city, then to the ends of the earth.
We trust in the power of God in restoring people’s lives-spirit, soul and body.
We are a people of every cultural background joined together in a united sense of divine mission.
We are establishing our church on foundations of Christian character and personal holiness

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